Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lew Bishop and Laura Schlessinger Marriage

Laura and Lewis met while he was in a long term marriage. Lew and Laura lived with one another for approximately 9 years. After his divorce, they married in early 1985.
Laura and Lew Bishop have one son, Deryk Schlessinger: Born in November 1985.

What happened? ( stylist ? flag shirt, hair-do ? )

Lew Bishop has three children from his previous marriage, no one hears if they survived. Allegedly, Deryk was allowed to see a cousin or cousins from his mother Laura's estranged sister, Cyndy Harris.

It is said Deryk was never allowed to see his maternal grandmother, Yolanda Schlessinger. Yolanda was a victim of neglect and possibly murder. The body was left for such a long time it was never definite how she died. a standard explanation was eventually released.

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